Friday, January 20, 2012


            I wanted to post a short update. Most of you know that the print version of What Rough Beast was published December 7th. The Kindle version was made available two weeks after that. Several reviews have been posted on Amazon, and I’ve heard in person from a number of you, and the reviews have been overwhelmingly positive. Overwhelmingly.
            I have to tell you, honestly, that I am humbled and gratified beyond words.
            I’m working with various County Arts Councils to arrange book signings in nearby counties. I have nothing firm at this time – perhaps in February or March. I’ll keep you posted. If you know ‘somebody’, let me know.
            Nearly everyone has asked when the sequel, Taylor’s Kin, will be available. (It was a good idea to put that teaser chapter of Taylor’s Kin at the end of What Rough Beast.) It warms my heart to know that you came to care about Jonathan Taylor and that you want to know the next chapter in his life.
            We’re aiming for the release of Taylor’s Kin by the end of February. I think we’re in the final edit. We’ll proof the copy and polish it. There’s work to be done on the cover, then we’ll jump through the publishing hoops, and it’ll be ready. (Sounds easy, doesn’t it?) The original plan was to release Taylor’s Kin in Kindle version only, but so many have said they want a physical book that the original plan will have to be revisited.
            What’s Taylor’s Kin about? After reading What Rough Beast, you know what Jonathan Taylor has gone through. The Beast has withdrawn, and Jonathan now has to face a new set of challenges in a new world. All that he knew has disappeared. What would it be like to find yourself in a world where only one tenth of one percent of the population survived? How would you continue? What kinds of challenges would you face? Would you try to reshape that new world to mirror the former one?
            Taylor’s Kin isn’t as dark as What Rough Beast. It’s not a laugh riot by any means and there are a few heavy spots, but it isn’t as frightening. Taylor reflects some on the Beast and on being human, but there’s a greater emphasis – survival.
            Be advised: there are scenes in Taylor’s Kin which will touch your heart, maybe even bring a tear. You’ve been warned.
            What else is going on? I’ve dusted off a couple of stories I wrote several years ago. They’re nothing like What Rough Beast, but they try to look at the human condition. Also, I’m working on a new story set in the South of the late 50s and 60s. Yes, I remember those days when we thought the party was just getting started. And, I recently let Jonathan Taylor start running free in my mind again. Guess what. He has another story to tell after Taylor’s Kin.
            Stay tuned.
           And thanks again for your kind words. They’ve meant a lot to me.

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